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Twenty-five years ago, through passion and great energy, Logista started to pave its successful business path.

According to Privredni vjesnik, for 12 years in a row, Logista has been one of the 400 largest companies in the Republic of Croatia, and, as stated by London Stock Exchange, it is also listed among the 1.000 European companies that inspire Europe with their respective business.

Logista's team is currently comprised of 130 employees who join their strengths and visions to create what Logista truly is – a professional and responsible company. With its high business standards, Logista has gained the trust of top brands – such as A1, JTI, Cellularline, Jabra and Plantronics.

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About the name Logista

Even ancient Greeks trusted their business to logista

The company's name was inspired by ancient Greece. In fact, at the height of its economic power, ancient Greece did not have a contender in the world. In Roman times, for example, a Greek worker made three times as much as an Egyptian worker. It was a tremendous responsibility to deal with finances, and the wise Athenians carefully oversaw their bills. However, there was one person their accounts were entrusted to. That person was called – logista.

As such, the company Logista stands for the kind of person you can trust with confidence; a partner who won't let you down; an associate who looks after your needs; a colleague you can rely on; the best partner, and the partner of the best.

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Our partners


The first private mobile operator in Croatia, part of the Telekom Austria Group and a strategic partner of Vodafone, a leading mobile operator. It has been a long-time leader in telecom market innovation.


Japan Tobacco International is in the top 3 manufacturers of tobacco products in the world, with a presence in over 130 countries worldwide. Winston and Camel notably stand out from JTI's broad portfolio of tobacco products.


Cellularline is one of the leading European manufacturers of mobile and tablet accessories. High-quality products, superior design and high technical performances are just a few of the values of this Italian brand.